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About Us

Pilot Information Systems is an organization which specializes in providing individualized cost containment solutions to the health benefits industry. Our clients run the gamut from small, self-insured companies to multi-million member nationally recognized HMO’s.

Many of our clients come to us after years of using Brand X products. Most of them have a common story to tell: they are but one company among thousands that these vendors serve and they feel like a number when it comes to customer service. We have been told that it’s standard operating procedure at some of these behemoths to respond to support “tickets” sometimes weeks after they have been created. To make matters worse, even when addressed, the issue may not have been completely resolved, resulting in another round of ticket updates. And if the dreaded words “software defect” or “bug” appears, it often means workarounds that the customer is responsible for making to their systems and procedures until a fix is ready for deployment. It doesn’t end there because it’s common for fixes to take over a year to wind its way into the base system.


Our size gives us the ability to move quickly with new industry trends. This works to your advantage because our competitors often take over a year to add new edits to their system while we can design, develop, test and implement them in a matter of weeks. Add to the mix that we often create custom edits for our customers based on local and state requirements, a service that none of our competitors have the ability to provide or even offer.

Our clients have come to expect individualized service from professionals who have over 60 years of combined managed care experience in the IT field. Support is handled quickly and to their satisfaction.

Our Team

Michael Gordon

Mike has been working in the managed care industry since 1984, when he joined Worth, Auger & Associates of Oakland, California. Dating back to the mid 1970’s, the Worth Auger software is known by industry historians as being the very first system to support the daily functions of what is now known as the Managed Care industry. After leaving WAA, Mr. Gordon set off in his own direction and has been offering his industry knowledge to dozens of healthcare companies and concerns across the nation.

Mr. Gordon is an expert in the design and development of healthcare claims administration as well as all other facets of managed care applications including Enrollment, Capitation, Medical Management and Benefit Plan administration.

In the early 2000’s Mike saw a need to develop a new generation of cost containment software which was flexible enough to move with the ever changing and evolving healthcare industry and eventually rolled out the Overpayment and Recovery System, OaRS.

Ken Wiens
Director, Product Development

Ken is our director of product development and brings to the company decades of industry experience. During Mr. Wiens’ tenure in healthcare, he has held the position of CIO at a number of healthcare entities including BCBS of Puerto Rico, American Health Medicare, OAO Healthcare Solutions, and Santé Health Systems. Mr. Wiens has also worked for Health Management Systems (HMS) in subrogation and Overpayment administration for clients that included Kaiser, United Healthcare, and many State Medicaid organizations. In all, Mr. Wiens has been involved in healthcare for over 34 years and has worked with Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare health plans.

Mr. Wiens holds a Master’s Degree in Health Administration with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with emphasis in Computer Science. Ken worked in South America for 15 years and is fluent in Spanish language and culture.